While others start thinking
i’ll show you what you’ve been missing
as long as you show me everything
i’ll have you covered like the clothes on my back
you & I alone imagine that


I look up at you & you look down on me
with more wordplay for you to mentally see
as I hold your hips
& I kiss your lips


Does it feel; so far yet so close
when this is your event to host
others can send you typical flowers after the show
but I’ll send you a gold rose
why does my little heart desire you the most
I guess it’s cause I am hungry & for you I’ll make a toast


To me chivalry is never dead
i’ll be your renaissance man, hope you heard what I said
i’ve exposed myself naked on loves bed
can’t wait for you to join in


I see you In my reflection
i realize no one is perfect, so you are my perfect imperfection
like our skins pigmentation
one call away from satisfaction in our relations
since for years we are each others
lifeline silently when it all matters


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