I don’t know how long that it’s been

But she always begins & ends

As my precedent




just want to tell her

that from that day I vividly remember suggesting

To myself that I’ve been finally courted in these feelings

Of the highest order that have meaning

She not only shines to me; she stays gleaming




can see the cloud of dust

No doubt that summer ends at the end of august

Monsoon season with rain drops of love & lust

None of that it’s called happiness

& that’s all I want from you




was hot outside till I jumped into your pool

No cup needed to drink all of you

So I swear by my intentions

To always have you on my mind with no mention

Of your past

Because our future is built to last


I write to give you a glimpse

Of yourself with no reservations

& no need for impressions




blue with a heart that she’s not used too

& she’s pink with motherly instincts abused by you

That’s why we can relate like the common denominator of two

That’s her value & the reason i love you




the person everyone sees on the outside to be extra cool

But the one looking for an escape in private beyond life’s rules

I’ll tell you over & over the truth

Endless thoughts & sentiments of things others won’t do




In love for her simple pleasures

As I forecast my emotions for her like the weather

Physically pink matters

But emotionally she is the ruler to all that measures




Told me to listen & I did

Uncomfortably; till I envisioned her working in my pyramid

With thoughts of all that can be accomplished with one visit

Because you are a picture after all

that has been rested on a table  by others with emotional disregard

but I’ll frame you rightfully on a wall

giving you a glimpse with these words into loves hall


She broke me down

I close my eyes thinking that what I think shouldn’t matter

Yet she’s vision & thought to my chatter

My life is a modern day chutes & ladders




ask myself do I need Justification to be a good man

Yet in love with thoughts of someone in another land

So I dim the lights as her beauty & my ways seem to clash

Which way should I go to win this 50 yard dash

It’s elementary so my ego like hulk will get smashed


I am


Always so sure of myself

But I feel it’s time to turn that feeling to ourselves

Just imagine what it should be

Better yet understand that your are part of me




I feel you like no other

Time has a clock & I am its father

life has questions, but in you i’ve found my answer

As we nourish each other

She broke me down like no other


I would love to empower you with  words of love by day

& listen to your feelings attentively at night like the media

So when emotionally I’m down & in need of a vacation you’re my expedia




could hug & give you a kiss

& confess, that you’re a feeling that i thought couldn’t exist

cause in your eyes, I want to be seen as a man with character intertwined in romance

& not from a romantic novel, but to be seen as an unstereotypical man




Think we’ve already covered those bases

this is the sweet science inside of loves gloved cases

& i know this for a fact

that my feelings are more than general cause of the way i react

When i think of you no matter the thought my passion stays intact




I can understand if this sounds absurd, but I have no intention of ever hiding the truth

i think the absurdity at times, but this can only mean i truly love you

one flight, day & constant emails to remind me of your wealth

not financially, but you’ve given something to me that was stealth

with an untold passion that you must understand yourself




pen is down; i hope you understand now how i truly felt or feel

send me a picture if you think it’s real

since you’re motivation to all my thrills

this feeling is stonger than concrete or steel

like the goose bumps on my skin after reading this

I LOVE YOU & that’s a feeling that could never be dismissed

i’ve tried , but these emotions for you are purer than any bliss

open letter wrapped up in your myst


I see your eyes as my heart caves in

knowing that i gave you everything needed to win

yet love was something that i didnt fully get




can that be

for starters the idea was right ,but the love wasnt fully ripe

ambition turned into greed

a monster to be fed completely through selfish needs




thats the only way to be

but for this moment the door cant be opened with that key

i’ve now graduated from a relationship with no degree

where at once should of been within my pedigree

but for now i’ll  continue to love myself only



She says i dont want you to leave my life

i need you like day & night is to time

& I want you too, but you seem scared

in talking to you i feel more prepared

cause love is not the only thing that has me here




want you so bad

that i’m blinded by you & that’s sad

yet it’s appealing

to have these unchartered feelings




the first sight of you i was in awe

thinking to myself with you i want it all

anything less i’d say i was a fraud

standing ovation to your life that i applaud




just want to give her a long distance hug

around the world & back before today is done

i admire your talents

the more i write; the more i want to know about them

& i see you the way you should be seen

picture perfect developed just for me


I see your face

& can start to see the change

as the clouds do in this desert rain

she says i could be your best friend i bet

& i say how can that be when i haven’t learned not to love you yet




is key

when past demons wont leave

i sit back & see

what i already knew it would be




tried to write about love

but my pent went dry

in other words i’ll never get a reply

i’ll strictly fall into the abyss

trying to mold the next one into what i’ve missed




can i figure out all of this

when i gave love all my options & was still dismissed

all within your myst

sealed with no love or a kiss

i took all the risks

on all marks given on the list

with no watch on to see the time on my wrist


i wont say another word

or think of another thought

silence is what we’ve got

so i write before it all stops

cause you’re my cane when i walk

hold me up before i drop




talk about it

i say what i write just so you are reminded

that i’ll be here to the end

does that get you smiling & excited




i am in the mood from within

to type up everything that needs to be said

& that’s what opened up my door for you to come in

when i feel broken

i write to you when it has to be spoken




i write is like a plane ticket

cause i’ll take you on vacation once you read it

if you’re with it

then again why talk if it’s already written

from within , so sit back & listen

better yet look at my face to see how you’ve gotten me smitten




it is the season; so it’s getting cold

with my thoughts i’ll wrap you up like clothes

even if it’s not christmas

i’ll write just to watch you light up

nothing i do is accidentaly on purpose, remember

here’s loves address hope you read & dont return to sender


it’s fall & off the plane now i ‘ve touched down

i think of her everyday & now she’s close enough to come around

in 40 degree weather i’ll make my call now

i say hello with thoughts of how

i should handle the conversation that comes out of my mouth




that i’ve been waiting for this moment

by trying to respect her my mouth says no, but my mind is in disagreement

cause i love her & i mean it

so i say can i see you on this cold evening

thinking that inquiring loving minds should be in a meeting




think that you are needed

so from me you’ll get back rubs & kisses

baby oil on your back till it glistens’

i then whisper relax cause i am here for you as you listen




less tense

wine has already been on full tilt

& that would make me happy to feel

that i could calm your nerves

since i only want to give you what you deserve

it’s fall & the answer is should i make that call




feel if not it’s like eating salad with no croutons

or like eating croutons with no salad

i agree cause you’re the queen of my emotional palace

& i want to spend my time with you cause thats only fair

plus i have so many things to personally share

it’s fall & the answer is….


I love to surprise you

& the more I think of you

It’s harder for me to know what to do

Normally I know when to make the move

But with you I have no clue

It’s all instinct, cause you’re more than a virtue




See you at face value

But I want to be within you

Vulnerable in your reality

Cause I think of you highly




I write is more than a conversation

& more like a soul mate meeting my family declaration

Yeah, it’s that kind of sensation

Even if it’s left unsaid

You think randomly of the words that I’ve said

& cuddle up to what you’ve just read




That we have a connection both deep & strange

Like a famous adage

There is meaning that I convey when I get to writing

“With a touch of love everyone becomes a poet”

A quote by Plato written for me about my goddess

I can see you smile & you don’t need to be modest

I love you & that’s just me being honest