even though you know

tell me you love me so I know

& hopefully you feel the same way i do

I orchestrate a symphony when I think of you




me that you need me

make everything feel like it will be easy

since you’re like a movie I play my part

I don’t want no trouble, but I want your heart

to me she has talent so I watch her play

In any venue & Im proud of her I must say




always longing to be in her destination

camped out on her page, call it my fascination

there has to be a god; cause I am looking at his timely creation




me she’s needed

but I think the opposite; just to feel emotionally protected

yet my mind is still in disagreement

my feelings is to be with her for a weekend




is my main event

I love her & in that I am convinced that she can relate

to what I have to say

ten years from now it will still be the same

with the exception of her last name




I hit your feelings I am going to first

Rounding all the bases to make things work

That’s why I don’t need to speak to be heard

I’ll spoil you cause that is what you deserve

& that’s all I am saying with these words


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