when I visit I won’t see you

cause I’d want to hold you

the way he doesn’t but needs too

with my thoughts & actions I’d deliver

cause I am gold to his silver




pleasure he drinks it

while; I give you love in the form of breath when you’re winded

I see your potential, so I listen

you & I equals the same thing




to get to the next level on merit is the intention

with my feelings I run to the situation

early morning hair undone bee hive

more than what others see of you is what i like to see in my life


I am


just saying I like to hear your voice & be involved

pictures of you I kind of like it all

trapped in between loves four walls

I am short in stature, but these feelings make me stand tall




Is nothing when you stay on my mind

cause you’re tailored to me by design

which; tells me we’ll be fine

& no watch is needed to see the time or our life

food for thought on that last line


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