I love to surprise you

& the more I think of you

It’s harder for me to know what to do

Normally I know when to make the move

But with you I have no clue

It’s all instinct, cause you’re more than a virtue




See you at face value

But I want to be within you

Vulnerable in your reality

Cause I think of you highly




I write is more than a conversation

& more like a soul mate meeting my family declaration

Yeah, it’s that kind of sensation

Even if it’s left unsaid

You think randomly of the words that I’ve said

& cuddle up to what you’ve just read




That we have a connection both deep & strange

Like a famous adage

There is meaning that I convey when I get to writing

“With a touch of love everyone becomes a poet”

A quote by Plato written for me about my goddess

I can see you smile & you don’t need to be modest

I love you & that’s just me being honest


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