it’s fall & off the plane now i ‘ve touched down

i think of her everyday & now she’s close enough to come around

in 40 degree weather i’ll make my call now

i say hello with thoughts of how

i should handle the conversation that comes out of my mouth




that i’ve been waiting for this moment

by trying to respect her my mouth says no, but my mind is in disagreement

cause i love her & i mean it

so i say can i see you on this cold evening

thinking that inquiring loving minds should be in a meeting




think that you are needed

so from me you’ll get back rubs & kisses

baby oil on your back till it glistens’

i then whisper relax cause i am here for you as you listen




less tense

wine has already been on full tilt

& that would make me happy to feel

that i could calm your nerves

since i only want to give you what you deserve

it’s fall & the answer is should i make that call




feel if not it’s like eating salad with no croutons

or like eating croutons with no salad

i agree cause you’re the queen of my emotional palace

& i want to spend my time with you cause thats only fair

plus i have so many things to personally share

it’s fall & the answer is….


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