Is it the way I write,or the way I move

that concerns you

or the vulnerbility of saying I’m in love with you




the twist & turns that allows me into your groove

Again that’s the reason I’ve fallen for you

& what’s concerning you is what I’m deserving from you




one man & not into groups

So I’ll never serenade you

Unless I have multiple thoughts to our truth

Which is again that I love you




in text jargon i’ll even say ILY

nothing you say or do can ever be silly

i’m deep down to your bones

to your inner most

thoughts; so with me you should never feel lost

cause at the end of the day & through

all these years; im humbled to say it’s all about you


I just want to listen to the music as you question yourself

there is little discussion, so i listen to myself

your vision is crowded, but in it i always remain the same

others see you at face value & i am the escape




Thing is, i do this unconditionally

no matter the wait,; i do believe in fate

it’s weird how easy it is for us to relate

thats why i told you a long time ago you’re my soulmate




can be written & stated

but can only reach its plateau desired

if it’s felt from within & admired

even with lack of sleep i’ll never be tired

to listen, text or enjoy our conversations




is the last time you’ve felt that kind of admiration

completely vulnerable in contemplation

so i write your guide to complete meditation

these are just the seeds of dedication

that i’ve planted in your garden till our final destination


I write

Just to remind you of your place in my life

I want your emotions bare boned & naked

Cause what I write for you comes form the soul before I say it




till I pull our worth out of your body

I spend all my time calmly

Showing you how much I care

Never thought you could exist dangerously minus any dare

Tell me if everything I’ve said doesn’t seem to be fair

No vision needed to see into what I stare




Love for you is sacrificial of me

I hope that tells you how deep it can be

You could be more than any time zone away

Yet I would speak destiny in your name everyday




Think you’re a portrait that should be on display

The mental canvas that needs to be portrayed

So I write about you brightly like the sun rays

& listen to your thoughts like a CD

turning your visions to all that includes me

daily like every day of the week

since that’s the only way to love me


Saturday, I woke up to a picture of you minus your face

In looking at her she’s headed in the right direction I must say

Then I seen her hair in a bun

But letting her hair down is where lies the fun

In Already knowing that she’s the one




can taste your voice

& hear your emotions by choice

While looking at you as dedication

All progress with hard work, what a fulfilling combination

You’re thoughts & concepts to my imaginations




Recognize your thoughts

Warm baths at the end of the day by yourself getting lost

Cold glass of pinot grigio wine

I want you to think of me during that time

While you text me you’re mine




Sit back & smile knowing that i’ll still

Write her back to say how I feel

It’s not cold, but everything I say gives me chills

yeah; you’re that real


The stars & the sky

Bring light at night

& I could see you being mine

Not in a car, but feel I could enjoy your ride

Nothing sexual just like your vibe

All while I close my eyes

I’ll give you your emotions before you reply




Are meant to be displayed at fashion shows

But I’d rather take a common woman down destiny’s road

I’ve been here before

So when I tell you I love you its real & I know

Cause it’s coming from a place I’ve already explored




you would mean I could never reach loves peak

cause you’re too special & if I was to reach loves peak

that would mean

there’s no way up & a decline could be reached any day of the week




I always ask you questions to understand your needs

& he turns to a bottle to make your heart bleed

You know where this is headed so no need to drop to your knees

I want to be the best person you could ever meet

& he is ordinary like every day of the week

Thinking of you has me up in the clouds

So; I write what’s mentally brewing in my mind out loud




You I don’t need to look around to see me

I hope what I just wrote is easy to read

cause that’s how I feel it should be

If ever I feel broken I come to you for the fix

It’s a you & I world poured into the mix

I could never be thirsty; satisfied with what I had in the drink




what I write & think

You’re on a boat with no water underneath

So there is no way my love for you would ever sink




Should get a tattoo of a halo

With my initials so I know

That you’re my angel

You’re other worldly; so I’ll never let go