The stars & the sky

Bring light at night

& I could see you being mine

Not in a car, but feel I could enjoy your ride

Nothing sexual just like your vibe

All while I close my eyes

I’ll give you your emotions before you reply




Are meant to be displayed at fashion shows

But I’d rather take a common woman down destiny’s road

I’ve been here before

So when I tell you I love you its real & I know

Cause it’s coming from a place I’ve already explored




you would mean I could never reach loves peak

cause you’re too special & if I was to reach loves peak

that would mean

there’s no way up & a decline could be reached any day of the week




I always ask you questions to understand your needs

& he turns to a bottle to make your heart bleed

You know where this is headed so no need to drop to your knees

I want to be the best person you could ever meet

& he is ordinary like every day of the week

Thinking of you has me up in the clouds

So; I write what’s mentally brewing in my mind out loud




You I don’t need to look around to see me

I hope what I just wrote is easy to read

cause that’s how I feel it should be

If ever I feel broken I come to you for the fix

It’s a you & I world poured into the mix

I could never be thirsty; satisfied with what I had in the drink




what I write & think

You’re on a boat with no water underneath

So there is no way my love for you would ever sink




Should get a tattoo of a halo

With my initials so I know

That you’re my angel

You’re other worldly; so I’ll never let go


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