I love to see all of your creativeness

especially when what you offer is limitless

at least that’s what it feels like to me




thoughts of you simply over take me

I’m not usually amazed, but i think of you highly

yet, you’re so critical of yourself & it hurts

you’re my angel & I am not masking your self worth




why I write what I think

with charming realities of what you’ve thrown away in the sink

of yourself, wide eyes with no winks

while standing at the beginning & end of loves brink




edged sword state of mind

for you I’d write it all down on the line

like a poet trying to find the perfect words that rhymes

uncertainty never, but you keep my head in the clouds

I tell you all even when I don’t mean to say it out loud




the climax needed before I go down

pleasure & thoughts up rooted from loves grounds

I don’t need to be around

to feel singular with you like a noun

you’re amazing & I love the way that sounds


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