I wish i had a mirror on the ceiling instead of the wall

so when i lay in bed; i’d look up at you with me in thought

cause you’re that deep in my mind

an abyss with no memory or vision like i am blind




why i could never leave my soulmate behind

i’d pursue you in the past,present or future so call me the father of time

others can show you masks, but i’ll never show you a disguise

from me you’ll get what you’ve never realized

could be possible, a love that’s unconditional




written & spoken so to you it will always be visble

i try to give memories; while others do the typical

words of confidence to my angel




i’ll always stay in your bubble

no matter the struggles

understand that you’re the legend of a grown man’s fable

there is a lot of food out, but only you can organize the table



SPECIALmore you & less me

you make my life so easy

no questions asked as long as you love me till eternity

even though i love you a thousand times more

the world would still be called flat if humans didnt explore




I listen to your everything in silence

in a trance easily introduced to self inflicting malice

sipping out of it in a gold chalice




the truth of it all; is that you’re purity from a distance

conformity in an instance

you have your life to live

& i’ll always have mine here for me to give

to the one that’s in a place of mine that’s special


i am


a thinker & fanciful

when it comes to you; i dont ever have to be reminded to be careful

on sight, thought or words…. I’ll be cheerful

as long as you have it all

cause you’re that SPECIAL


I truly listen & watch your words unfold

trying to get in tune with you & not trying to take control

it’s all about you, yet i mantain my core

i’m holding space, waiting for you to take a tour




having a way of drawing out your

deepest truth; so take the floor

no judges here & definitely not trying to be a coach

just want you to feel relaxed & go with the flow

expressive without being conscious is how it should go

all this minus societies mold




me you’ll always be beautiful

& i listen to what will always be meaningful

which is you



i love you & i’ll accept it all

when i’m down you’re energy that never dissolves

one look at you & i’m lost

knowing that i’ll pay the cost




tell me you love me

I hope these tears,show you i am here for the cause

i’ll love you no matter what anyone says you are




I only see us in thought

I’ll hang up my feelings on the wall like a clock

please read my time before you walk

you can have others

but with me is where your future starts




that all i can say is

what if i can’t give you my best

when all i want to do is comprehend myself

a drink or two & everything is on the table including sex

no inhibitions as to what i’ll do with the rest




what a mess

i love you, but i need this fix

don’t want to hurt you by saying this

when you see me investing in other chicks




tears SHE says i need you

& I say there’s nothing i can do to please you

then SHE says I’m the cup that fills you

& I said you told me to do me

even though i didnt want to honestly




last words were dont do this to us

& YOU said just do you in disgust

never wondering what it would be like without me

while I always thought you & i would equal eternity

not realizing that a life as a masochist would be pure travesty


You have a sense as if you are at the end of a diving board about to jump.

like being on an icy road road & your breaks need to be pumped

while I just want you to be mine in person tonight

Cause destiny already has your name written on my mind




Feelings I didn’t know I had rising

Like snow they melt on the impact of landing

As I look your way in recogniton

That you’re loves dictionary definition




are just my thoughts

regulated by who you are

not who people say you should be

but the one who transposes my life into an anomoly




fits into my mental frame analytaclly

thats why i express my love unequivocally

& its so easy, to discover our possibilities

subliminally or criptically i’ll give you all my energy

cause my love love is eternal




these feelings were military rankings i’d go from a cadet to a coronel

i’d touch your inner soul & what’s external

your life would be written second by second like a journal

no need to race i’d rather get all of you so i move slow like a turtle


i am just waiting for the date

and longing for the time

i can hold your body next to mine

cause i feel i am deserving

of everything my hearts been searching

cause i know you are worth it




looking at my page while you sent it

with a subliminal  message

just saying your name sounds poetic

only a peek & i feel so connected

so nice to see you again; not a full smile,but i’ll take that smirk

all these thoughts from one picture taken while you work




lonely star

you are every dimension in my life taken apart

then put back together to make it start

to become evident that you’re my rock




make my thoughts real

not even around, but you can see the feelings that i’ve spilled

& understand the authenticity of what i feel

all that i am saying is that love exists

as i shower in your myst



i am attracted to her

but since i am not next to her she’ll never fully know

wishing i could corner you for a kiss under a mistletoe

while holding your hands as we cross life’s road


i am


passionate in thought & she’s religious in god

if hiding my feelings were a crime i’d be guilty as charged

i see a lot of me in her literally from a far

she is reason to loves cause

i am

merely a thought

& she’s justifiably priceless with no cost

so i sit here lost

for words knowing this is all about her




a time keeper

mentally i’am in the place i should be

when i think of you i say this honestly

you don’t have to do anything, but acknowlege me

be there in all fomrs of communication pictures, text  & all the other pleasantries




know you dont have much time

so i’ll write this in one minute

even though what i feel comes to me in less than one second

with the understanding that it’s more powerful than a nuclear weapon




listen, but don’t hear your words

they may not see you’re thirsty, but i feel your thirst

i just want to call you & say i love you first