Looking at you gives me confirmation

That your name should be faith cause you’re my religion

Times can get hard & it could lead to the bar & intoxication

I just want to spoil you; like a director my words scream action




Imagining the thoughts of having more

No matter life’s detours

You’re loves target

I’d hit the bullseye with you in any market




Your lips to your eyes

To the least perfect aspects of your body & life

I’ve declared you privately the moment I realized

The best thing about my life

Yeah you’re that high on my list & feels so nice

all is needed is another coveted flight




Much leg room, but I carbonate your thoughts like sprite

As you take a drink, red lipstick on the cup

Contemplating your next move on your own

If you need help with that language of thought before times up

Remember In any language I’ll be your rosetta stone

So I hope you comprehend I’ll never leave you alone

As long as you don’t want me gone




Said that free hand no use of the tongue

These verbal feelings come out without a track suit to run

Cause it’s pure, no shade, I illuminate you like the sun

No fraud

or drinks just loving you is all I am on

you & I equals a soul mate type bond

Nena tell me you love me if you feel its that strong

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