You have a sense as if you are at the end of a diving board about to jump.

like being on an icy road road & your breaks need to be pumped

while I just want you to be mine in person tonight

Cause destiny already has your name written on my mind




Feelings I didn’t know I had rising

Like snow they melt on the impact of landing

As I look your way in recogniton

That you’re loves dictionary definition




are just my thoughts

regulated by who you are

not who people say you should be

but the one who transposes my life into an anomoly




fits into my mental frame analytaclly

thats why i express my love unequivocally

& its so easy, to discover our possibilities

subliminally or criptically i’ll give you all my energy

cause my love love is eternal




these feelings were military rankings i’d go from a cadet to a coronel

i’d touch your inner soul & what’s external

your life would be written second by second like a journal

no need to race i’d rather get all of you so i move slow like a turtle


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