i love you & i’ll accept it all

when i’m down you’re energy that never dissolves

one look at you & i’m lost

knowing that i’ll pay the cost




tell me you love me

I hope these tears,show you i am here for the cause

i’ll love you no matter what anyone says you are




I only see us in thought

I’ll hang up my feelings on the wall like a clock

please read my time before you walk

you can have others

but with me is where your future starts




that all i can say is

what if i can’t give you my best

when all i want to do is comprehend myself

a drink or two & everything is on the table including sex

no inhibitions as to what i’ll do with the rest




what a mess

i love you, but i need this fix

don’t want to hurt you by saying this

when you see me investing in other chicks




tears SHE says i need you

& I say there’s nothing i can do to please you

then SHE says I’m the cup that fills you

& I said you told me to do me

even though i didnt want to honestly




last words were dont do this to us

& YOU said just do you in disgust

never wondering what it would be like without me

while I always thought you & i would equal eternity

not realizing that a life as a masochist would be pure travesty


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