SPECIALmore you & less me

you make my life so easy

no questions asked as long as you love me till eternity

even though i love you a thousand times more

the world would still be called flat if humans didnt explore




I listen to your everything in silence

in a trance easily introduced to self inflicting malice

sipping out of it in a gold chalice




the truth of it all; is that you’re purity from a distance

conformity in an instance

you have your life to live

& i’ll always have mine here for me to give

to the one that’s in a place of mine that’s special


i am


a thinker & fanciful

when it comes to you; i dont ever have to be reminded to be careful

on sight, thought or words…. I’ll be cheerful

as long as you have it all

cause you’re that SPECIAL


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