I wish i had a mirror on the ceiling instead of the wall

so when i lay in bed; i’d look up at you with me in thought

cause you’re that deep in my mind

an abyss with no memory or vision like i am blind




why i could never leave my soulmate behind

i’d pursue you in the past,present or future so call me the father of time

others can show you masks, but i’ll never show you a disguise

from me you’ll get what you’ve never realized

could be possible, a love that’s unconditional




written & spoken so to you it will always be visble

i try to give memories; while others do the typical

words of confidence to my angel




i’ll always stay in your bubble

no matter the struggles

understand that you’re the legend of a grown man’s fable

there is a lot of food out, but only you can organize the table


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