let me paint you a picture
so listen as i blend it all together in the mixture
it feels so real it’s like i’m there
with tempting looks in your eyes i know you care
i’ll take you up on anything as if i was walking upstairs
no tinted view i can see this all clear


in my hand thats going down soon
roses on the bed & table before i get you in the mood
yeah that intimate & smooth


want to capture you for my personal viewing
camera is on mentally to permanently see our love brewing
you turn me inside out
yet i’ll take control from the first tongue kiss in your mouth


eyes watering as if you just sprayed mace
but i’am just overwhelmed as to what is going on in this place
you’re more beautiful in person than any picture
& taste better than any flavors
please sit & forgive my behavior
cause i want you now & not later
like a lilly i’ll be your star gazerbedroom lights1


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