I love our conversations

cause my love for you knows no hesitation

i’m always there for you when others cant handle its sophistication

trying to take you to the next level of motivaion




matter a ring or other relations

im your open book & thats my declaration

i see 100 percent of the woman

when at times she sees only half the fruits of the pie

out of the can; which she feels that she cant supply




realizing that i am not just any guy

Cause I’m her soulmate, but i understand why

she’s whole & not trying to give half of the pie

but in reality mathematically you & i equals pie




can have others in my position

but 2 peas in a pod has always been a part of my hearts mission

so i give you all of me no matter the situation

like my reality has gone through my fantasy in the form of an interrogation

knowing that you’re mine, no matter how many shots fired in my direction




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