cell phone vids running

i see no face, but your fingers moving

so sexy; i like what you’re doing

pure fantasy for the first time turned into my reality brewing




mouth wide open in awe

i never had doubts about your sexyness, but now its been resolved

i’m short in stature, but help me stand tall

lucky 7 on the other side of this phone call




that your wardrobe needs updating,so you should try me on

but continue what youre doing till my friend poof is gone

then you take off your thongs

to spice things up you turn your vibrator on




more captivated now

lost for words so all i can say is wooooooow

you should be in my mind to see what i am thinking about

as you command me to pull it out

all out phone sex you’ve shown me how

till i inhale,contract & exhale real loud

to your erotic pulsating soundszipper

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