I treat you first class while i am in this

look you in the eyes head first cunnilingus

it’s our universe; so i’ll be your god, if you’ll be my goddess




deep into Pandoras box

Ive stepped in it like two feet in my socks

With your name is the only way to unlock

The thought without keys




I breathe my love for you like the wind blows leaves

or the fortunes being told of my Tasseography

while mapping your wants out like geography

as long as you tell me that you want me




smile cause this is turning into quite a fantasy

picturing the moment that i questioned its reality

while also developing its look into an untold formality




is unknown

but i feel this is the best feeling i’ve ever known

so in tuned to you i think i’ve been cloned

in other words its more than a poem or quote

this is my reality that i show

even though x is the quote

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