I see you for who you are

your beauty inside & out is picturesque like a postcard

which is one of the reasons i’ll never leave you




serves me to you eloquently

in reality you’re all i need

like food & the air that i breathe




patience is my enemy

my thoughts for you can be communicated through telepathy

i’ve been stringing these thoughts along

& like a kite at the end of the string i’ll rise to all your wants




just want to give validation to your thoughts

in your darkness or light

even in your shadows minus the the fright

& if i were blind

i’d ask you for your favorite color to always have it on my mind




how deep i want to delve into your mystery

undress those emotions; while creeping into forever magestically

when you feel lonely or unhappy

take a picture of yourself to see me




on your behalf

i’ll hold you mentally till your last

emotion of unhappiness passes you by

you are my favorite; so i write what you’d always see

when you read, what i always meant for us to be

cause you & i…. to me tin equals something supremeundress1 copy


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