I hate to expose my feelings

Cause I am private with all my life’s meanings

I write to open your mind & eyes first thing like the AM is to the morning

All the scenarios & the sentimental realness without pointing fingers

then striking her thoughts like a match stick to a match box; while i enlighten her

she has me mentally framed, when i see her in my visual picture

as i become the opening act & her always the main feature




Your life ever makes you feel anemic

I am the medicine thats to be expected

I’ll give you power & vigor while I’m in it

I write it cause it’s poetic




You read it cause to you I also matter

You are the only conversation to my hearts joy & laughter

symbolizing mythical powers

you’re my little lotus flower




Any position

From the sidelines or up front when you feel something is missing

No well is needed or change for your wishes

Not a tailor, but this is so seemless




it’s suited to make it feel so novice

That the ordinary mind will never notice

That you’re in the presence

of your soulmate or a modern day goddess




is so sweet

I think she’s loves version of sugar diabetes

no insulin needed

cause I eat her wants & needs like a bowl of wheaties

I truly mean itMY MUYSTERY FADES


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