Im going to say I love you

Or anything in between

Till you understand what I mean

Romance knows your name as my epiphany




feeling isn’t something that I feel on purpose

It just happened to be the sweetest

I put a collage of words together so you can see this

Being in love isn’t new, but you turned me into a novice

so im going to inhale this

& hold it on the inside & exposed out on the surface




think of you like coffee

Like most do early……

In the morning

Except mine is deep within loves cloth that I am folding

From the smallest thing

To the largest, you are presented to my soul as everything




The grandest thought

To the most modest

I speak to you from the heart, so nothing is hidden in my closet

Its written with you in mind & my soul gives you unfiltered access

Never taking you for granted

Only giving you an unadulterated feeling of what you’ve always wanted

Im going to say I love you & I do

All in one sentence as I smile just for you


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