Im going to call it for what it is

When the world gets cold I am your favorite fleece

Face time minus an I phone when we speak

Cause emotionally I am second nature like when you breathe

The captivation of my thought & written speech





on the outside is a sideshow to discuss

While in private you’re so beautiful I want to record us

In the moment that you smile & I say I cant get enough




Past is melted memories & communal like fondue

So easy to misspell my warmth like pho soup

Can I sign you up to my truth

Where wine & candles flicker romantically in our emotional room

When the night’s sky turns dark blue




Seems …

that while others look, I make you feel seen

what they dont get

I show & tell how you should be appreciated

You’re deserving & it should be expected

That more than just me will be invested

Now that sounded; perfected

real poetic; even before I said it




words & thoughts are  centered

in your direction all in ad- libs

I feel like an accomplished extemporaneous speaker

As I walk with you in life like a pair of sneakers

Hope this poem has developed into a special picture


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