Will the flame that i’m so rich in

light the fire in her emotional kitchen

i dont know, but what if i am breathing

what she’s been wishing

or better yet what i’ve been wanting

& she’s been missing




know she enjoys coffee and I like tea

opposites attract & i hope that she agrees

at night she’d rather wine

while i’d rather beer or grapes on a vine

she can have the ending

while i accept the beginning all the time




ensure she gets the best of me in all my frame of minds

That’s why I always notice

What you do when you focus

Which makes it easy for me to call you my FLOTUS (First Lady Of The United States)




Conversation till they look into each others eyes

Then the passion kicks in so sweet

She makes him feel he could succeed

While he fulfills all her neglected want & needs




are left exposed in great depths like an ocean

so I took this notion

that no matter the debris left floating; he would always give her in himself an option

to understand that someone other than herself truly loves her

even when she doesn’t feel like a model on a Revlon poster

with the importance of thirst & her being the last drop of water




the importance of her

which is more than these written words

i surprise her at times with flowers

& gifts when for others it will not occur

that they should take action in her like a verb

into the woman that they should feel they deserve

like change going into a TIN

i love you so much it feels like a sinDOG SNOW GLOBE


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