Is being a romantic universal

or is it invented by the flirtatious

or is it linked in the art of persuasion

or the innocence of my affection




writting this to show that the word or

can be transposed into any emotional situation

by a woman like you on all levels of sophistication

i’ll try it all to put a smile on your face including improvisations




also love the fact that my thoughts can be illuminated

by a woman like you; which feels so poetic

but i already felt that before i said it




silent luxury

can easily sound like a theological state of ecstacy

in the fringes of respectability, but in reality

truthfully…… your presence in my heart is far beyond flattery

that’s how much you matter to me automatically




you i’d walk through thunder & rain; while trying not to get wet

even though it seems futile; it can’t last longer than me loving you till my last breathe

never wanting you to feel the obscurity of lost thoughts within YOURSELF

so i write what others dont see on the surface about OURSELVES

yes i said ourselves ; cause i picture us as ONESELF


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