i love you & i mean that
swim through any issue lap by lap
with no record keeping or stat


talk through it relax
& land on the solution like a plane on a tarmac
then put it all on loves plate
eat it up hearty like potato & steak


making the negative the enemy of its own state
never taken a bite of miseries bait
only the best for you & with that i can relate
that i’ve always seen you since i fell as my soulmate
Nena if i was a chef you’d be the signature dish that i make




I Drink tea & she drinks coffee in the morning

both have many flavors, but only the authentic we like exploring

You’re so beautiful & tempting

sexy mentally & visually without getting naked




can easily see us spending time

Sade & your favorite pinot grigio wine

Less me & more you would let it feel more divine


Just want to be embedded

Into your mind without me having to say it

So I write to put a smile on your face real poetic


My extravagant thoughts

Cause in reality you’re more attractive than all of my wants

That’s why I don’t need to be your number one fan

Even though I am


I know i’d treat you better than

All those who ever wanted to be your man

By multiplying the pieces of what you’ve never had

Then subtracting those pieces & turning them into what we’ll have

Cause that’s who I am


In the space between my words
my voice stumbled and fell
tripped by emotion as my thoughts swelled
into dry feelings with no wish or change in the well


of what could be a portrait left unpainted
when you should be decorated & placed on my mental walls
so i write into the blue dawn
& the trilogy of what my love for you has spawned


like a gun firing of shots
you’re deserving, so i try to appease to all your needs & wants
inflicted by the wound of silence
i rather not, but in you i find it
hard not to listen to my poetic heart


equals me swimming from your ocean bed
to the waves of a sea of emotions that i want to thread
into the real you; unlike what any other men
have given


into the fog or the myst
nothing in her past has ever witnessed this
so i write what she’d missed
with these thoughts sealed with a kiss
nena te amo & you’ll always be number one on my listcouples hug


My thought of you carries so much weight
that a typical guy couldn’t lift it on his best day
our silent charm is so contagious
that i’ve realized the only vaccine for it is named us


so independent that to a normal man
she is an acquired taste
& if you don’t truly understand
then she’d be unbearable to breath like mace
why run through her thoughts; when loving her is a never ending race
that’s why my feelings for her always stays in one place



others don’t or know how to fully understand her ways

i silently map out what she wants to be witnessed in her maze
by seeing the small things & how they need to be arranged

cause she’s deserving

is all i am sayinglove-couple-kissing-htc-4g-wallpapers


I’ll always hold onto your mystery never planning to let go
your name should be Korea, cause i am  always heading to your Seoul
i was an amateur before, but you make me feel like a pro
a marksman with no gun; just looking through loves scope


You fall & in need of a lifeline i’ll throw you a rope
silently in my demeanor with each gulp of thirst down your throat
unlike a prank these thoughts are not a joke
i just want to be there for you when you need someone to help you cope


The adrenaline of a skier going down his favorite slope
yes i love you that much
to the point i loose myself & get out of touch
as i want to offer you the best lunch
cause this menu for you is called love & trust


i want all of her frame at 5’3 to be mine
cause emotionally she stands taller than all my feelings combined
impressed by not only her beauty, but also her mind
no need to watch cause she owns all my time


can’t tell you what you need
but i can give you all of me
cause you’re one of a kind
i’ll hold onto to the ticket, if you take the flight


show you how i
could love you till the edge of eternity, as i give you whats mine
thinking of you daily without a word hoping you’re fine
never hanging up on loves land line


write from within
never from the outside like other men
they see the outer beauty to stay afloat, while i swim
into your soul, without words only a dry throat


i text you on the phone
wanting to tell you a lot more
than hello
cause i love you mi AmorCouple-Love-Hearts-In-Clouds-Wallpapers-New-iPad-3


I dreamed last night that she
Said here’s your wings come fly with me
Let’s defy others & gravity
When we fall through the clouds I see
The moon & the stars shinning brightly
On what we share non-chalantly


Write so you can always see what I’m feeling
With a view into love’s unconditional meaning
Like a river I flow freely while these emotions are streaming
Into my veins & into the air that I am breathing


Always sees flaws in her picture
She’s tears of joy in the form of snow flakes in mother natures winter
& I want to throw strikes down the middle with her
Like a pitcher
While drinking her mystery out of loves pitcher


Write so I’ll never miss her
& she reads it at times as assurance
from all angles
While I Hope she see’s her worth & wears it like bangles
Its all about her
So relax, let me rock & recline you like a lazy boy chair