Where do we begin

When you’re also my end

Day, night, am,pm,seconds

Weekday & the weekends




Destination can be shallow

That’s why true fulfillment can never be hallowed

I look at you with a smile & a coy laugh

Wishing you could be a camera; so with every touch you would just flash

All the lasting memories of the things I want to have




these thoughts believing in you always being my better half

i’m a man, but still like the touch of your hands

cause misery likes company & happiness loves temptation

& somewhere in the middle is our life’s celebration




why i live my life & let the haters talk

i’ll be happy while they stand still & i walk

all that i’m saying is elementary & written on chalk

i just want to touch you till our lips lock




is the reason i comfort you with questions

you & i any suggestions

before i look you in the eye, is there anything else to mention

while i get ready to relieve any of your tension

i’ll only live once & you call my attention

others were your virus & just like the movie i am legendMY MUYSTERY FADES


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