Love is patient with no boundaries or shapes
if you’re in it you can relate
for the average its whatever
but for the one you love its what can make us better
cause your heart wants a union that will keep you together


times i look at you in disbelief
knowing that you’re on my mind as the best thing to happen to me
is this lust or love; why is my mind so muddy
is she staged or happiness to my story


from it all you’re my retreat
what i write is only a peek
inside & out;  spell my thought backwards to know i play for keep
i”ll be your mountain & you my peak
you’re loves language & i’m the speech



cause i don’t say much, doesn’t mean i don’t care

i watch, but i wont stare

feeling like i work for NASA cause i’m lost in your space

LOVE IS everything you thought it wasn’t

till you’ve lived it or your soul has owned it


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