Every time i write you get a preview

it’s easy to say i want, but in reality i need you

sometimes i want to lay with you as you sleep

then whisper my name in your ears & watch you squirm in between the sheets




keep nourishing your feelings so plate me

on your dinner table no part of me in the menu includes maybe

cause i’m breakfast, lunch & dinner daily

food for thought you’re apreciated greatly




a whisper & a thought

cause honestly the true you i want to unlock

i just want to love you as i do myself

you & i combined will always equal oneself





will save her in my youth with a cape

& in old age with a cain

she will always have a place

in my heart, body & soul cause my brain is all yours

every time i write is for it to be appealing to you when i explore

your deepest thoughts of course




just want you to know; while others take you for granted

i’ll love you the way you’ve always wanted

& this is coming from the bottom

i fall, better yet fell for you before autumn

you may have not been looking for unconditional love, but in me you’ve found him


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