Others may have seen parts of you that I’m about to see

But till I get a hold of you… you’ll always be a virgin to me

Im just trying to take it to a place where we will be

Just you & I that I’ll call destiny




Are just words of tranquility

When your day goes bad, I’m in the den of your humility

Telling you to be strong

If you enjoy me no matter how long

I’ll seal happiness into you heart; cause that’s where it belongs




A pilot

I see your landscape

from high above

you do your best for everyone & all you ask is to be loved




in your eye

breaks fear, happiness, love & lust down all in one line

here’s how love sounds like in real time




questions with no answers;

yet satisfied with a feeling that spreads unsuspectingly like cancer

cause i could move or tap around it like a dancer

but the emotion will kick out all matter

that doesn’t include your best interest like a bouncer


i becomes we, in between all the soapy laughter
cause finally you’ve become the ultimate drug that i am after
now love is a course that if real can never truly be mastered
advice can be given, but this isn’t role play & i don’t consider myself an actor
these quotes are only one of the factors
in the reality of loving you is how its sponsored

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