Touch me like the ghost of someone you miss greatly

make love to me like you hate me

my heart knew no name

till my eyes seen your face

& your personality is beautiful; so my soul has now been claimed






others fade

you’d always be a portrait in motion ready to be made

nothing i feel or write for you will ever change

in conversation one drink of you & i’m tipsy

you’re hundred percent proof; while others are fifty/fifty




sweet & sour like candy i want you now & later

here’s a ticket into my world…how it is; not how it seems

& if you believe in me that means

we have the same dreams






you have me exposed

no need for exodus or a disclaimer

cause loving you is a factual behavior

you are the reward & the fruits of its labor

the emotions to all my flavors





why i disclose it on paper

as long as you see US

& i come before you like the latin word prius

i’ll always love you.. Mi Amor BEHIND CLOSED DOORS


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