If i hold you & kiss you
will my mouth uncover my truth
that i’ll always be in love with you


you do me a favor & make me believe
that you can sew love unto my sleeves
so i can wear it for the world to see
or better yet; quietly filtering the air that i breathe


just want to show you love, so you can see
the way it should be seen through your eyes; that i want to own till eternity
over worked, but always trying to achieve your latest goal
with jet-lagged eyes reaching for that pot of gold
your vision always wonders & never seems to close


i embrace you without a hug
when others don’t understand you; i do with no shrugs
giving you the necessary air needed to inhale life into your lungs
your day dreams is what your dreaming
but with no support, it is hard to reach its true meaning
so i put forth; my all even if i am not on the front court
just to be sure, she knows i’ll always show her my support


also never has to tell me to keep it real
my love for her is an over flowing cup; so its always going to spill
emotionally she has me stuck
like a bee i’m always abuzz
with anything…anything she wants to discuss


anoint anything you want to put on display
whatever you want to say
cause loving you is all that runs through my veins
i just want to give you words without thought
while analyzing your needs before wants


i could hold your hands as lifes train comes
see the light approaching & realizing your the one
now that’s where my heart is coming fromcouple-holding-hands

3 thoughts on “IF I COULD

  1. “i embrace you without a hug
    when others don’t understand you; i do with no shrugs”

    Great line.

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