I want to look you right in the face
& ask you if i could see the world through your eyes if i may
since my passionate thoughts for you will never change
i find you to be pure as a white dress on a wedding day


I just read that article you’ve been talking about….
called you & i can i show you how
the title should be called NOW
good conversation before we make out


like a modern day painting by Van Gogh
im so into you i get clumsy from a fine stroke to a broad stroke
yet i’ll do my best as an amateur to give it a go
as long as you smile i feel like a pro


me it wouldn’t be a grandiose declaration
to show you i love you;i’d give you sweet everyday emotions
that you need in the simplest form of dedication in all my actions
while reminiscing on my first impressions
of you


no trivial pursuit
of the past or its tests
even if you’re upset & don’t want advice, i’ll be there just for you to be witnessed
i’d let you go crazy without saying anything to stop it
i would quietly hold your hands while you on it
& to me you’d still be flawless


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