For what it’s worth

I’m going to love you more than her

Or a priest reading his bible at church

Cause no matter the situation you’ll always be my girl



Inhale you in my thoughts

& exhale my vision of you through this pen with all my wants

You are the reason pictures should always be taken

i’ll meet you always in the space between

Happiness & always being loved in every moment

So can you let me borrow your silhouette


send me a text

To inform me of how you felt

from years back you’ve always known how to make my heart melt

With any sound or words you’re the most interesting woman I’ve met

I’m still in love with you like a vet


means I should be used to this, yet

I stay in the shadows of fate

As the berries & the granola on your grand parfait971924_10152862137165500_85356776_n



I know at times you feel like your hands are full
but your heart is empty
so if your cup is half full
i’ll pour out plenty
of myself into your cup till you feel healthy


Honestly paint you the color of the unknown
& since x marks the spot on your canvas i’ve found my home
sometimes i wonder if you think of me
the way i do of you unequivocally


need you like a poor man needs his daily bread
while others give you a single slice i give you the whole loaf instead
you have a brain, but i just want to give you a piece of mind
you give me reason for these rhymes
i love you Nena, every day & at all times


hands for support onto life’s on coming train
we’ll face it together no need to switch lanes
or play with each others emotions cause i don’t look like an arcade
& neither do you
again i write cause my life is all about the best way of loving youcouple-holding-hands

FOLDS (Chester Maynes x Lino Robles Collaboration)

needles of touch quietly
prick my palm on your palm
all electric shock travels on
our spine and our mundane bodies
fade from door to bed and we
cling on each weight of alternate space
till the gentle rhythm resonates taste

sighs from our mouth
our tremors brush the surface
of the plain cotton blankets
laid in heaven


we meet to physically enjoy our moment
as hours pass in constant speed & we enjoy it
as night quickly transforms into morning
& our heartbeats are stuck in our chest

things that only our minds can translate best
visions of me and her the day that we lay at rest
next to each other like the bible, i would feel blessed


Is your show & I’ll be the guest
The flavors are robust, but you’re the zeal to this feelings zest
Unlike a puzzle with you there is no room to guess
Cause it all falls in place


A vision to a dream
In association with the air that I breathe
You are to me what autumn is to red leaves
With you I don’t need to sleep to dream


all I know
Is that you’re like that feeling when I stretch before I wake up
You’re hot
Like the morning tea in my cup


like it, but want to dislike it
This feeling only cause I love it
Tung twister… damn; its too early in the mornin for this
Tofu, bacon & grits
having you on my mind means no feeling greater than this


Baseball when you pitch
I swing for the fences when its time to hit
For her I stay in the shadows of fate
Cause I love her & she knows it with no debate


I’ll admit

That I like to get

Texts & pics

Just to speak

& replay the visuals of what your aura says to me




I look at your sillouhette

Admiring the thoughts & realizing where my heart went

Cause I’m not rich, but I can give you emotional wealth

By being the unspoken extension of yourself




easy to feel myself pulling towards her gravitationally

But harder to understand my fascination for her litterally

I want to be the cloth that wipes off

adversity of my diamond in the ruff




You at times leaves you feeling overwhelmed

But just understand I’m the co-star in your life’s film

Even if you have a long flight

I’d be the pilot that ensures you reach your destination on time

& make accomadations to be by your side

With no reservations needed

My hunger for loving you will never be depleted


How can I lose you
If I’ve already found you
With elegance & grace I love you


most when I see your driven panoramic views
When you let me into your realm & report it like the news
In the line of happiness I pursuit
The negative into positive while others have no clue


for you that’s what I’ll do
Words are meant to be written
& you’re biblical while I am in it
Nothing sexual, but ooh what a feelin


Can hold hands & have a heart felt conversation
Which is good times, so I’ll call it a fucking celebration
It shouldn’t be so vulgar when mentioned


I want to hear you like a psych doctor does privately with his patients
With no inhibitions


a smile & suspense the real you is a weapon
So I’m thinkin
That I’ll spin the cd like a record
While soaking in all of her efforts
Throughout the day & digesting it before breakfast



Others can occupy your time
but i want to own your favorite moments
cause you never look for attention
yet i’am always willing to give you the recognition


have needs, that are never materialistic
& I strive to dream with you like you wished it
while taking a picture of you as you paint
your life on the canvas as i try to relate


walk up to you slowly, before i hand you a glass of champagne
lost in your mist; as i pour out my heart like rain
while sprinkling it all into your soul
like basketball i am just trying to break into your zone


in your ears, i’m so glad to call you my own
as we lay on the couch alone
wanting to be on all you levels as a man that is grown
accustomed to seeing what you need more of
& i’ll say it nice & slow
its all about love for me & much more