If I was a judge, i’d sentence you to be in my life
& always make you a part of my laws when I write
with no appealing; my uncharted feelings
since you’re the only one that gives love meaning


Why i would so like to see my face on a bottle
no inhibitions, cause being in tuned with you is only half the battle
knowing that i’d have a place on her emotional mantle


Matter how big or little the hurtle
i’ll be gentle
with impregnating words; cause when it comes to me she’s fertile
& all i want to do is give unbridled life to her needs with no medals



others take her for granted & settle

i’d charm her with more than just rose petals

with the simple things

while being a part of anything she is willing to bring




At times i think i love her more than i do myself

which means i love you more than anyone else

too much information has been disclosed in this scribe

but its ok… cause like cable to all your channels i’ll subscribe

till you tell me Papi; no matter what i’ll stay by your side




if i don’t say it you’ll always be on my mind

then take the D out of MIND

& the next letter in the alphabet is E which says you’ll always be MINE



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