How can I lose you
If I’ve already found you
With elegance & grace I love you


most when I see your driven panoramic views
When you let me into your realm & report it like the news
In the line of happiness I pursuit
The negative into positive while others have no clue


for you that’s what I’ll do
Words are meant to be written
& you’re biblical while I am in it
Nothing sexual, but ooh what a feelin


Can hold hands & have a heart felt conversation
Which is good times, so I’ll call it a fucking celebration
It shouldn’t be so vulgar when mentioned


I want to hear you like a psych doctor does privately with his patients
With no inhibitions


a smile & suspense the real you is a weapon
So I’m thinkin
That I’ll spin the cd like a record
While soaking in all of her efforts
Throughout the day & digesting it before breakfast



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