She’ll never be a poser

One day I could see her on a poster

As her being the music & me being the composer

Giving her shades of how loving should be kosher




Cupid mistaken or am I stupid

My heart speaks the truth yet I feel weakened

My mind is awakened

From the thirst, I’m in loves water swimmin

With angels & demons




Won’t break you down

Only build you up without sound

I know she silently hears my whispers

Undressing her negative thoughts to positive when ever

She needs me; I can’t put it any clearer




Me her past was needed; yet it’s secondary

Legends can’t be made over night, but to me she’s legendary

Why do I love her, cause I feel it is necessary

No rhyme or reason I’ll take these emotions to my written obituaryKISS UNDER UMBRELLA


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