I take a sigh

Deep breathes as I ask myself for advice

I love looking at your eyes

Wanting to taste you, food for thought as I

Take a bite




Infinite resentment of your past

A good girl like you with me will never finish last

No visual or cinematic effects

Nothing about you I’ll ever reject




See my fantasies

Recreated with you in Casanova’s diaries

Nothing spontaneous real feelings coated in plaster

Let’s smile and coat it in laughter




Lets color outside the lines

Its fun

You’re fun

Cause you’re my masterpiece when it comes to love

You C you’ll always be the one




Why its hard to let it fade as I cope

With thoughts of you that are purer than the pope

I’m always happy to let you know




Hate to feel so exposed

But the matter in me is volcanic so I must explode

With my intricate word play for you I’ll never lack

Keeping you covered like the clothes on your back

All while loving you to the max

I love thatlove-volcano

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