I’ll start by saying

you’re my dawn & sunset

the heat of the sun as i am praying

which includes the shadows of your silohouette

the relic intended for chivalry with no exercise or sweat




This is about you

on top of my mountain ; hope you like the view

since i want to feel your organic touch

exotic in nature & more than the flavor of the month




Courageous to get rid of it all

finding space to paint the new you on a wall

with a road trip to experience it all

& i write with subliminal cyphers

on call; silver tongue in tow for the one that matters




Trying to know you better than you know yourself

i enjoy seeing her smile

even though i can quench her thirst, she still

leaves water in my well




understand why

but no matter what to me; she’s one of a kind

so when i see you, i’ll aim to treat you better than life

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