When i write she sees the vision

She is hunting for love & I am open season

If she’s confined I show her spaced acres

a portrait of my soul on a canvas the bigger picture




Easy to feel my wants

With you it starts and stops

In silence or out loud you’re all the sounds I’ve got

Written on this paper

If thirsty she’s all flavors




Take a sip to that

While I swim over your perceived flaws in laps

To me you’re a standing ovation on tap

Late night seduction without trying is what I like

I hear your thoughts unwind




Me I just want to be a part of your life

Unforeseen in the dark I handle it all in a simple process

Truth be told If you feel your life is on hold, I show you progress

The storm is here & after I am the calmness




Speak to this

Swallow what I feel & digest

It all like the start of your day I am breakfast

I don’t want it unless your in it cause you’re flawless

& no matter your age or time to me you are timeless


6 thoughts on “FLAWLESS PT2

      1. Anyone who reads it would see it that way.

        As for supporting your work, are you kidding? It’s so romantic!

      2. But there is something to be said for writing that way. It’s straight from the heart, just like it would be if you were speaking the words to the one you love.

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