What i write isnt rehearsed
so take a sip of it to quench your emotional thirst
i model these thoughts after you
or should i say onto you


Pretty sure you’ve been loved before
but i’ll love you beyond that & much more
cause you’re beautiful to me
even when you say you’re not
since you’re the virtue needed that never stops


Look at your reflection
just to get a better understanding
of my written destination
i know this feeling can be demanding


I view you as my horizon
or sunset down to my soul, cause thats where you’ve been
i see the imagery
of where chivalry exists immediately


Not being materialistic
but if not me, then who would shower
you with things
For your birthday 14k gold plated flowers
did i mention before this
that with me chivalry exists
if not; i’ll show you the road map to perfect bliss



I see your quiet eyes underneath the cold past
With the warmth I bring, within your unfeeling smiles
What a combination that’s been written for quite awhile
Happiness doesn’t always come from the heart
You must dig deeper before you ring the alarm


Whispers are spoken from me to you
i cuddle to your innocence
while i strip all of what others have shown you in the form of insignificance
as you make me feel like a photographer
with an obediant eye to the arts
which with you being in my thoughts come out a la carte


Each image of you fluidly from the start
i hope you understand motivation to me is who you are
freeing my thoughts without boundaries
one touch & i’m charged like a battery


a once in a lifetime feeling placed in my emotional gallery
i’ll never miss you cause you stay inside of me
others need purpose, but you’re my vitality


I frequently listen to wishful whispers
& I hear her
A canopy of secrets with each letter or syllable of her name
Trying to comprehend, these feelings that I can never explain


Hear her wishes, but deeper into to her thoughts
While others browse those feelings, I give what she wants
By showing my all; not even distance can make it wane
The signal will always be clear; so you can see it non blurred & plain


I share my celestial soul
With the one that is worth much more
Beautifully sculpted naturally with no make-up on her face
I would love to see her at her feral state


For me naked during the twilight me & you
So I can see your shadow dwarf everything in my emotional room
That’s what I’d like to do
Passion equals love & I equal you with a 360 panoramic view


I dont know how this may sound
but i say i love you, even when you’re not around
& I write about you even when my pen is down
its easy to say that you can find that somewhere else
but you & in my mind makes these feelings equal one self


This is true
love is your name & thats what i see in you
when i listen to her speak
all her words are in sync with my hearts beat


Give you a quote of a popular misquotation
not really, but love is a word & you’re its representation
so i celebrate you as someone new,familar & exciting
yet unkowingly, reassuringly uncommon & inviting
which makes this feeling sweet like icing


With you i see
emotional immortality
in your wishes, but rather hear your deep thoughts equally
& i am not trying to recreate your past in lovers lane
I want to be authentic written all over your brains


I look into your eyes, just to get lost in your eternity

cause i feel you bring out the best in me

i’ll make sure you notice

all the things others couldnt & love it




Let me know you for who you are

no gimmick just us with no fascade

not the pristine or polished you; that can be seen by anyone

that’s only half you presented to everyone




Can i board your flight

as a passenger who just wants to enjoy the ride

the scenery is perfect & thats no lie

trying to find myself & it begins with you inside




You tell me where you’ve been

i’ll listen to all the things

you want & need which only love can bring



With just a whisper of her name i’m all smiles

she melts my machismo like butter & i’ll

confess that i’ve been feeling this for a looong while

& still you keep my tall cup filled




You’re much more

than any game that i’ve played before

the equality of all my senses you’ve tied the score




I am fall

then you’re winter

which means i’ll spring

into action before each summer

no matter the season. you make me feel like a winner