If I was to love her does that mean she’s flawed

even if she doesn’t know where she’s going; I know where she belongs

you always remind me of the future & not the past

in the present you’re a gift that’s built to last






I listen to the things you can’t stand about yourself

& tell you those are the things I wouldn’t want to live without; myself

since I give unconditional love to you even if its stealth

you & I are separate people, but in my mind equals oneself






Me you do more than just exist in my life

it only gets better after all this time

& still into you like grapes on a vine

genuine in my thoughts of you so divine





Always strive to be a breath of fresh air to you

the feeling of happiness in your sleepless solitude

as for me, your voice is my favorite sound

wishing my ring tone could be you saying I love you

so; I can smile even when you’re not around… to

hug or kiss me in order to add value to this truth  

but remember from day one I always said its about you


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