I look to myself & ask questions then

I write about her

So even if she’s not around; I am around her




You grasp, what I just said to understand how much you matter

Even when I am not speaking you comprehend my chatter

That when I say your name I am meaning us together

One look at you & I see me in the mirror




Female version of me cut out from a poster

No regrets I‘ll love you even after rigor mortis takes over

I smile when you read this as you’re no stranger

I try to explain this feeling minus any censors




As long as you’re happy this makes me feel better

When the light dims; I’ll be all that you consider

Lover, friend, loser & winner all scattered




Nothing in life is perfect; I’ll never serve you that on a platter

You’re the reason with my emotions I reach deeper

In an outward ideal look of perfection

There are only two forms of emotions

Love & fear

Now I promise to reveal it all here




I have no restrictions when it comes to writing

I’ll share it all with you since you’re already in my emotional diary

Your image to me has never changed

Time has, but to me you’ll never be rearranged

Your beauty stands up to time & there’s no reason to be afraid

i’ll always be comfort to your mental frame


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