I dont know how this may sound
but i say i love you, even when you’re not around
& I write about you even when my pen is down
its easy to say that you can find that somewhere else
but you & in my mind makes these feelings equal one self


This is true
love is your name & thats what i see in you
when i listen to her speak
all her words are in sync with my hearts beat


Give you a quote of a popular misquotation
not really, but love is a word & you’re its representation
so i celebrate you as someone new,familar & exciting
yet unkowingly, reassuringly uncommon & inviting
which makes this feeling sweet like icing


With you i see
emotional immortality
in your wishes, but rather hear your deep thoughts equally
& i am not trying to recreate your past in lovers lane
I want to be authentic written all over your brains


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