I advocate to the thoughts that are unheard
Wiggle into what’s been left untold with these words
With you being all the action in these feelings like a verb
Grammatically speaking


An exclamation point I like to show off when writing
The streak of thunder in the form of lightning
That makes me run for cover
Yet want to document cause it makes me wonder


Separates logic from needs & wants
I’ve noticed, cause I want you at all costs
I hope you sympathize with what will never be lost
Remnants of your soul written in my emotional walls
Remember two peas in a pod


Sometimes I have to forget what I want
IN ORDER to remember what I deserve
i’m sorry i havent had a chance to learn


Hoping you see desire in my eyes
then recognize
with that said; the reason why you’ll always be mine


The pit of my soul you know how i feel so there’s no hearsay
you are beautiful to me everyday
i’ll show you what you in for
here’s your reflection; hope you like what you in for


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