You touch me like the first light of day
Or the pillow that’s below me touching my face
If you were to ask what I want
My first thought would be you all along


An unknown feeling yet a familiar thought
With the hues of everything priceless on lock
As my mind wanders in space like an astronaut


I look at the horizon with you in mind feeling inspired
As original as my mothers Sunday dinners that I admire
You help write my lifetime story with no actors
You’re my rock & all that matters


Just give her my all
anything that she needs to rely on
i tell her i’m here no matter the distance
knowing that i’ll love her till my last breath of existence


Her like my favorite store
in her i pick up everything that i adore
love & much more
with the name of this place being called mi amor



I feel this sensation
that my mind is in my heart
so when i think & write about you its an open confession


Versed or composed
like melodies in our life’s note
if i was to go to the market
there would be plenty of choices
but for you i’d only reach in my emotional wallet


Let out all of my feelings silently for your enjoyment
get to the register then own it
cause you’re the happiness in all of my favorite moments


When the light
shines on you just right
i can see our sailing souls on this ship
everything else is dark, but our emotions stay lit
as you walk through my emotional shores i see your foot prints


Directly to my soul on any given weekday or weekend
you’re leisure time during the evening
i’m full of substance, yet you make me feel weakened
no words needed to be spoken
cause this isn’t a game ; so there are no tokens
my doors are normally closed , but for you it’s open


I wish i would of never allowed you in
to my ocean with no life vest to swim
i put all my thoughts & feelings on the line
knowing that my passion towards you means everything


Shown me confidence & how it feels to win
& i show you the simplicity of love minus the burden
with nothing else to be heard
cause you’re the space between my words
seduction & action to all my verbs


You there is no you vs them
even if my ink pen
has gone dry these feelings will never reach an END


your mind stays in my state
me not loving you is like a calender with no days
i treat you like a holiday on any given date


I’d hold your hands & open doors
treat you like a woman & much more
slipping into your allure
actually i’ve already fell like never before


I focus
& always try to put you in perspective
the quality of a snap shot with no camera lenses
yeah, your love to me is that effective


It’s easy to see why the women you’ve become
seems too much
when you’ve been through so much


Seldom sit with “content”
but in this overview all i can say is “What If”
my prowess would not be sufficient enough
but then again “what if”


Coy side would stop me short of
what could, something that i never understood
me being me is very complex
when it should be an easy role


Why long to be an audience
When you should always strive to be the main act
it’s ok if you stare long or look deep
because I’m me, i solicit all your needs
compassion attention; while giving you space when need be


Through your eyes while you speak
lost in all of what this life has made you see
but still intrigued on what could be part of me


May not beg for it
but i do long for it
teachings and blessing’s all of it
you inside of me
and me inside of you
lost in each others thoughts
with no monotony
just you having all of me


Back To feeling all alone
in the dark where its cold
on this stage
where i am enslaved
with the past deep down in a shallow grave


I have overcame
as Martin Luther king had to overcome
with no bullets and no guns
as my pen and paper moves like yarn being spun
I contemplate my beginnings and i come UNDONE


Who i am
is no different than what i’ve become


You’re the muse to the way i’m emotionally livin
so i write another one day flight to relieve it
inspiration is all over your spirit


A halloween decoration
only you bring out these other worldly sensations
i need you to write cause you’re my only motivation
the epitome of meditation


For the dedication
since this is the beginning of my emancipation
its been awhile since iv’e written
with all this passion that i’m feelin
i envision you by the seconds
so pure you can feel it in every sentence


She said why do you hold me so high in regards
im just an ordinary woman with plenty of scars
& i said remember for all those that have held you
it only takes one to hold you


I write for you to check this
cause you’re number one on my check list
& i love you for the both of us cause you’re that special
not a song but to me you really are that instrumental


Easy to get caught up in the moment
i’m in love; so i just unload it
into these thoughts that are embedded
in all of what i couldn’t of expected


Throw you my love & hope to god it doesn’t get intercepted
& when you catch it
i hope what i feel; you feel & its accepted
the surprise in your eyes
is what i go for by design


You’re seamless
yet sewn with purpose
281 ways to love like if i was from Texas
loving you will always be my status