She text good morning mi AMOR
so random, yet i look at those words knowing what she’s looking for
but i’ll wait till she tells me to be sure
since i can tell by the silence; she doesn’t want to be hurt no more


Things you complete me down to the core
which is something i cant ignore
& makes it hard for me to justify what i had before
truth be told the past left me feeling simple, plain & bored


Thought i heard loves note
but with you i’ve finally heard all of its chords
she’s heard this song & seen this dance
but never written or thought of the way i show her romance


Love you for the both of us cause you’re that special
not a song but to me you’re really that instrumental
everything about my past thoughts crazy
since i never wanted to be hurt by love i’ve been lazy
but i’ve exercised, practiced now i am ready
for what i’m willing to share for the both of us eternally


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