I live through love vicariously
how could this be when i control every aspect of me
i give her food for thought to ensure she’s never hungry
that’s why my hunger for her turns to greed


Inhale her like the air that i breathe
cause she’s all that i need
& if that last line makes sense then we’re meant to be


The type to put you on an emotional flight
by trying to balance everything you like
without physically touching you at the end of the night


You confused like why
would he give me all this time
champagne with flowers on a mantle
staying in touch with all my emotions that others couldn’t handle


It’s true
everything is done to include you
navigating through these thoughts; so hope you grab the wheel too
one plus one when it comes to us equals one & not two


That’s me living through love vicariously loving the view
I keep writing even though this is something you already knew


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