You can feel the passion from everything i say
pulitzer prize in everything that i’ve claimed
she combs through my emotions as if it was written all over my face


It comes to her, theres no games or no scrimmage
early morning i dont want breakfast in bed unless she’s in it
the sea is endless till you reach land
when you’re down & in need i’m prescribed cause thats who i am


Write it instead of reveling in my own doubts
i’ve taken this position with multiple highways & routes
others can wrap you in non existant words
while i keep you wanting more with every verse


A multitude of before & after
as you float about life weightless like a feather
never judging only emotionally showing you what’s better


Every shade imaginable
you’re the space in between my words & its inescapable
so why take the bait
easy; cause you give me passion to everything i have to say


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