I hope you feel the power of affection
through these key strokes privately cause this is my intention
the rest have given her less
so i give her all my attention coast to coast from east to west


Its so easy to get lost in loves quest
thats why i show you the unseen

which is something you need in life; like the air you breathe

but if you wander in your dreams
i’d make it my place to help you find love back to me


Honestly feel Your life
after its said & done will know me
better than i know myself

others can come & go, but we always gravitate to us

key strokes in the form of oneself


The setting
would be early in the morning
heading straight to the kitchen
eggs & bacon something real basic


put conversation on the table knowing she’ll love it
since me next to her would be sensual & romantic
no early morning pics
live & in person just the way i like it with a wink


Talk as i hear my heart skip
peach colored faded imprints
of crimson colors on the cup from your lip stick


that even if i shut my eyes
i could never overlook your untold beauty
now that’s deeper than any abyss
love for breakfast



She is worthy of all my words
cause i’m particular
when it comes to her


A tailor but i can suit her
why act like the others
teach me to study you like a tutor
i’m the patient so be my doctor


Me whats buried in your heart
i’ll take it & bring it back to life cause i’m smart
meaning my love is something you’ll never have to question
& falls down your hair like extensions


Written & spoken
all intact with no way for it to be broken
life is a game & you’re my token
you can smile to that ,but i am not joking
cause she is worthy



Sometimes you have to let go
so i say start by saying goodbye to your clothes
get relaxed then post


Pretty selfie in any pose
as i stare at the screen like a statue forever froze
with plenty of smiles to go along with what was shown


Have to be risque or sexual
could be your lips glossed & colored in merlot
or your feet while you take a bath playfully painted while saying hello
while still In the bathroom after with no make up letting me know


You’ll show
me all of you without the glitz or glow
to me that would be special & real personal


Your smile to your hair all touched up
this is all you, yourself & me
since i would be


You a platform to bring out all sides of your beauty
please open the door for vanity
since my everything inside & out mirrors you as reality



She says I don’t understand why my old guy
always seems to be like my new guy
when i tell myself i no longer want to go down that road in that kind of ride


I camp out in the outside of that wilderness
as i guide you into my sun
where darkness equals anything outside of us
on any given day or week plus


show you what it should be to fulfill & not what it was
going to be like just
showing you what it does
feel like to love & not lust
to this she


“I have a talent for making things harder than they have to be
masters degree in tragedy
doctorate in self destruction
correction undone by corruption


Healing peeled to bleed”


Even if I was to be
the oxygen tank that you need


That was raw
Like my heart exposed out of my mental wall
Writting about her from dusk to dawn
Piecing together her unwanted flaws


she realizes its not the height that makes you stand tall
Just the adjustments to the volume on the other side of the call
That makes you the one…


I can do this all day
my emotions speak more than what I can relay
Passing the baton in her arms silently as i turn the lane…
to the finish line i say
as she smiles the day away


Is being a romantic universal
or is it invented by the flirtatious
or is it linked in the art of persuasion
or the innocence of my affection


writting this to show that the word or
can be transposed into any emotional situation
by a woman like you on all levels of sophistication
i’ll try it all to put a smile on your face including improvisations


also love the fact that my thoughts can be illuminated
by a woman like you; which feels so poetic
but i already felt that before i said it


silent luxury
can easily sound like a theological state of ecstacy
in the fringes of respectability, but in reality
truthfully…… your presence in my heart is far beyond flattery
that’s how much you matter to me automatically


you i’d walk through thunder & rain; while trying not to get wet
even though it seems futile; i’ll feel this way for you till my last breathe
never wanting you to feel the obscurity of lost thoughts within YOURSELF
so i write what others dont see on the surface about OURSELVES
yes i said ourselves ; cause i picture us as ONESELF


Will the flame that i’m so rich in
light the fire in her emotional kitchen
i dont know, but what if i am breathing
what she’s been wishing
or better yet what i’ve been wanting
& she’s been missing


know she enjoys coffee and I like tea
opposites attract & i hope that she agrees
at night she’d rather wine
while i’d rather beer or grapes on a vine
she can have the ending
while i accept the beginning all the time


ensure she gets the best of me in all my frame of minds
That’s why I always notice
What you do when you focus
Which makes it easy for me to call you my FLOTUS (First Lady Of The United States)


Conversation till they look into each others eyes
Then the passion kicks in so sweet
She makes him feel he could succeed
While he fulfills all her neglected want & needs


are left exposed in great depths like an ocean
so I took this notion
that no matter the debris left floating; he would always give her in himself an option
to understand that someone other than herself truly loves her
even when she doesn’t feel like a model on a Revlon poster
with the importance of thirst & her being the last drop of water


the importance of her
which is more than these written words
i surprise her at times with flowers
& gifts when for others it will not occur
that they should take action in her like a verb
since they claim she’s the woman they deserve

lino robles:the importance of her


I have you all in my mind
as an undisclosed desire of mine
& my heart lets it out when i write
you’re my vacation when i have you in sight


Winning streak under Vegas casino lights
i treat these metaphors of you special like my life
socially into you with thumb up,since you’re what i like
as being part of my life


In her eyes i see a reflection of myself easy to call my own
while showing her where’s home
with our emotions tied together as if we’re cloned


Me if my melody strikes your chord
since my feelings towards you are outside of the norm
all foundations have to be formed
& i’m just here for you to be informed
that no matter how tattered or torn
i’ll show you how love is meant to be worn


I want to give her everything she craves
open her book then read it page by page
& i wont hesitate


I see you i’ll demonstrate
my passion silently as i meditate
on all your emotions with no debate


Don’t mean to
but i truly do
words can’t explain you
but i still try to


Makes it hard to pretend
when my love for you is concrete like cement
mixed with rocks & gravel
which allows me to stay tuned to your channel


Giving you drive with no car
everything about her is above par
intoxicating; I try to study her with no license or bar
i’am only a part of the show as she’s the true star
i hope yo taste all of what i’am serving a la carte


She was all of what i’ve written below
when she calls & says hello
out the blue my thoughts are i know


though it feels wrong
something about me makes her feel like she belongs
into the realm of someone that should be loved
mathematically speaking she’s added into my sum


fact she was most beautiful, most alive when she opened herself up
as she allowed vulnerabilites, disappointment & didn’t force control onto us
When she spoke about pain, rejection, & always told me the truth
when she stopped focusing on her pride, reputaion & let it run through


veins like mi amor i love you too
he speaks, but i dont talk
since i am liquity in your space like an astronaut
for your happiness my speech stays locked
& you know what i am talking about


i think of you my heart starts to rush
even without any presence, you mean that much
as my pens slowly turns this vibrant sound into a whisper & then a hush
realizing that you’re the best feeling i’ve ever written or discussed